Designer and Creative Director Trevor Erwin launched Insufficent Fun at the age of 18, following an injury that redirected his trajectory from amateur boxing to the realm of fashion. Beginning with humble roots in streetwear, Trevor's journey began with spray-painted designs on hoodies, gradually maturing into a realm of sophistication and innovation. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of a flagship store in Hillcrest, San Diego.

Through relentless dedication, Trevor has steadily carved his name in the industry, showcasing his creations at Fashion Week San Diego, gracing multiple fashion shows across the West Coast, and garnering attention for his work with celebrities featured on Selling the OC. The launch of his latest collection, Harmony, marks a significant milestone, symbolizing his transition from streetwear to luxurious dresswear, epitomizing his evolution as a designer and visionary.

Hillcrest Store

Opened: October 29, 2023

Address: 1201 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Store Hours: 10am-8pm